Why Are We Best?

Creative Mindset

We strive to create an empathetic space that puts people (women & men irrespective of their inherent disadvantages) in the center of development planning and policy. 

Refrain From Ceremonial Gestures

We strive to promote the delivery of social development policies and programs that are neither gender mute or gender blind and refrain from ceremonial gestures of gender mainstreaming.

Build Courage

We strive to build courage among those who are in decision making positions to take intellectual risks and demonstrate tangibly their commitment towards the issues that influence and affect lives of masses.

We aim to provide an intellectual and creative forum to bridge the gaps among the world of social mission, business and intelligentsia through socially and financially affordable packaging.

What People Say

Trusted and loved by millions

thank you. You have such a relaxed, thoughtful way of making point. It was a pleasure having you on @AJStream 

-Femi Oke

@survivorwins … On Al Jazeera’s most popular show “The Stream” 4 Sep show, 98% Pakistanis were supporting your views.  

-M Rahim