Dr.Rakhshinda Perveen is the Founder/CEO, of creativeangerbyrakhshi and currently she is the honorary President. Founded in 2003 & formally registered in 2009.

Creative Anger By Rakhshi

Main activities:

Creative anger by rakhshi is a social enterprise, committed to courage for intellectual risks through research-based advocacy. sinf surat (faces of gender) is an inclusive channel of this forum, to highlight & disseminate hidden faces of gender inequities through evidence-based research & dialogues focusing policy & strategy for transformation of society.

Key Achievements:

It completed 10 significant projects with International development agencies and the deliverables were policy dialogues on population and development issues, analytical reports and case study reports on issues of gender based violence, reproductive health, art work on issues of HIV; video on HIV testimonies and a book published by FNF,on the economic empowerment of certain special groups of women based on the ideas generated by sinf surat.

Sinf Surat :

Sinf Surat Pakistan is another initiative of our passion to keep alive the presence of complex spectrum of gender in the public policy and programs directly related to and or influencing social sector development in Pakistan. Sinf Surat (sinf is the urdu alternative of Gender. surat mean face and method in Urdu)