Chamber of Women Social Entrepreneurs (CoWSE)

The very first of its kind globally & nationally. It was founded by the disrupter/change maker/awakened dreamer Dr.Rakhshinda Perveen on June 17,2017 and Launched on November 17,2017. It’s a Kafe Kaam’s initiative and Pakistan’s first Chamber of Social Entrepreneurship.

  •  Adopting a mission to create and sustain social value
  •  This is the core of what distinguishes social entrepreneurs from business entrepreneurs even from socially responsible businesses.
  •  For a social entrepreneur, the social mission is fundamental. This is a mission of social improvement that cannot be reduced to creating private benefits (financial returns or consumption benefits) for individuals. Making a profit, creating wealth, or serving the desires of customers may be part of the model, but these are means to a social end, not the end in itself. Profit is not the gauge of value creation; nor is customer satisfaction; social impact is the gauge. Social entrepreneurs look for a long-term social return on investment. Social entrepreneurs want more than a quick hit; they want to create lasting improvements. They think about sustaining the impact.